Our goldsmith has had experience in every facet of jewelry repair. We can, on our premises, size rings, set stones, solder broken pieces and address almost any jewelry repair need you may have. We also have state-of-the-art laser soldering services that can address very delicate and specialized repair needs. You may be confident your jewelry will be repaired to the highest standards possible.


We provide jewelry appraisal services for all types of jewelry. The first step in the process involves making an appointment to meet with one of our staff to go over your particular appraisal needs. The next step is appraising you jewelry, which is a two to three day process. You will be provided a complete appraisal with a photo of your jewelry when finished. Your appraisal is archived on our computer.


We purchase diamonds when they meet certain criteria. We need to have a GIA Certificate or an equivalent gem certification and the diamond needs to be of significant size, one carat or more.


We purchase gold in any form that can be qualified for pure gold content. We pay according to the current daily pure gold price per ounce.